United Way Mission: To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another.             

Contribution Information

Contributions and/or pledges are accepted by United Way throughout the year. Your support will help assist locally funded agencies provide human service and health care programs to area residents. Donations may be sent to the address below. Thank you for your support!


Know the facts. Read the material carefully and become familiar with the United Way facts.

Visit a United Way Agency. See firsthand why the dollars are needed and how they are being used.

Call on people you know best, first. This will build your pattern of success and give you positive examples.

Ask for a pledge on a face-to-face basis. Do not leave pledge cards on desks or ask for pledges by phone. Ask for a signed pledge card in person.

Be yourself. Explain the United Way. Do not use pressure. Do not fabricate facts. Do not concur with claims that are unfounded.

Be confident. Project confidence in the United Way, in the importance of your role as a solicitor and in the giver.

Remember. Every question, no matter how negative, is an opportunity to communicate and sell the positive aspects of United Way. For every legitimate question, there is a meaningful answer.

Always say THANK YOU.