United Way Mission: To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another.             

United Way Leadership

Campaign Leadership
  General Campaign Chair
Robert Haines General Campaign Associate
Campaign Vice-Chairs
Donna Beck Manufacturing
Michael Shinn Transportation/Utilities/Communications
Matt Shinn
Aaron Baltisberger
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate
Don Duke
Patrick Coen
K. C. Fleming Professional
Mary Beth Caboth Government/Community Services
Ryan Nagrocki Commercial, Central
Lisa Walsh Commercial, Downtown
Jessica Dean Commercial, North

Susan Eastin

Commercial, South
Shauna Freitag Commercial, West Burlington
Dan Kenel Commercial, West Burlington

Executive Committee
 Aaron Baltisberger Board President
Timothy Roberts President Elect/VP of Campaign
William Ell VP Administration
K.C Fleming VP Allocations
Sue Sorenson Allocations Review Associate
Marty Bowen Treasurer
  General Campaign Chair
Robert Haines General Campaign Associate
Daniel Luttenegger Immediate Past President
Board of Directors
Patrick Coen Mary Delzell Donald Duke
Rhonda Frevert Carole Halicki Gina Hardin
Michael Hoffman Jason Hutcheson Brian Isom
David Jacobs Chief Dennis Kramer Craig Kuehl
Greg Manske Douglas Martin David Metzger
Deb Mulch Jim Olson James O'Neill
Robert Ritson Steve Roy Lisa Schaefer
Tim Seibert James Sleister Matt Trexel   
Steve VanZant Charlie L. Walsh Edward Whitham