United Way Mission: To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another.             

Steve Roy, General Campaign Chair

Robert Haines, General Campaign Associate

Campaign Vice Chairs:

     Commercial Division - Ryan Nagrocki, Central Section

                                     Lisa Walsh, Downtown Section

                                     Jessica Dean, North Section

                                     Sue Eastin, South Section

                                     Shauna Freitag, West Burlington Section

                                     Dan Kenel, West Burlington Section

     Construction Division - Don Duke

     Education Division - Patrick Coen

     F.I.R.E. Division - Aaron Baltisberger & Matt Shinn

     Government/Community Services Division - Mary Beth Caboth

     Manufacturing Division - Donna Beck

     Professional Division - K. C. Fleming

     Residential Division - United Way Staff

     Transportation/Utilities/Communication Division - Mike Shinn